Dark phoenix Jean Grey

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an image of two different scenes in the same comic book, one with fire coming out of it
Avengers vs x men #12
an image of a comic strip with some people in the background and one woman on fire
a woman with red hair standing in front of a wooden structure holding her arms out
Jean Grey icons
a woman in grey jacket and jeans holding her hand out to the side while standing next to a door
a painting of a woman flying through the air with her hair blowing in the wind
Dark Phoenix, BambooWu
the poster for captain marvel 2 is shown in full color and it looks like she's getting ready to fight
Fênix Negra e Feiticeira escarlate Wanda Jean Elizabeth Olsen Famke Janssen Scarlett Witch, Scarlet
Dark Pheonix & Scarlet Witch
a woman with long red hair is walking in the snow