Catricicau Cristina

Catricicau Cristina

Catricicau Cristina
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cupcake paper decor

"Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornaments - these are so cute! What a fun idea and a clever use for cupcake liners." patterned cupcake liners are EXPENSIVE. a clever way to use them is for lining CUPCAKES!

Puzzle Piece Ornaments                                                                                                                                                      More

Puzzle Piece Ornaments: A new way to repurpose old puzzles that may be missing pieces and really can't be passed along or have been worn from use.

those northern skies: doilies, puzzle pieces and socks all make great snowmen

This little snowman made from repurposed puzzle pieces is so cute that he deserves a pin.even if to wait for next year! SO many puzzles available at thrift stores.waiting for a new life like this. Just need another reason to go to thrift store