Viking Sword

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Archaeological finds of Viking age swords and sword components.

Cathy Raymond
The Cawood sword from the early medieval Viking culture with an elegant hilt. It looks dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

The Cawood sword is regarded as one of the finest Viking swords ever discovered. It is nearly 1,000 years old and is the fifth sword of its type ever to be found and by far the best preserved. It's from the end of the Viking period and beginning of the Medieval and the sword itself reflects this.

A Viking Sword found in York, England that was found at a Viking burial site. The Vikings invaded England several times and were known for their brutality. The Vikings influenced some of the behavior and fighting of the Anglo-Saxons.

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The weapon that all the Viking warriors desired to have once in their lifetime was the Viking sword. It was not only because Viking sword was deadly and powerful but it also represented the high status of its wielder in the society.

Petersen Viking Sword Hilt Types

Sword from the Viking Age provenance: Northern Europe dating: Century

A very rare Viking sword, the blade with Ulfberht inscription, circa 950 AD.


A VERY RARE VIKING SWORD, THE BLADE WITH ULFBERHT INSCRIPTION CIRCA 950 In excavated condition (the upper half of the blade missing), the blade of late pattern-welded construction with a wide shallow central fuller, one side cut with the inscription 'Vlfberh+t' in characteristically large capitals originally inlaid in contrasting iron, the reverse with traces of a further inscription, fitted with robust guard of rectangular section, and one-piece pommel of so-called 'tea-cosey' type.

A fine and probably unique silver-hilted Viking sword, second half of the tenth century

A fine and probably unique silver-hilted Viking sword, second half of the tenth century. (PF)

Did you know that the first men from Europe born in America was a Viking called Snorri? And that we have found in a Viking grave a figure of Buddha made in India? Do you know that the Vikings made a graffiti in hagia Sophia, Istanbul?

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This sword was found in Langeid in Bygland in Setesdal in It is a truly unique sword from the late Viking Age, embellished with gold, inscriptions and other ornamentation. (full story in.

The last Viking and his magical sword? - HeritageDaily - Archaeology News

In the summer of 2011, archaeologists from the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo discovered a Viking burial ground in Langeid in Setesdal in southern Norway. In one of the graves they made a startling discovery. - HeritageDaily - Archaeology News

Trip to the museum ~ SUCH a beautiful sword!

My Elven Kingdom

Trip to the museum ~ SUCH a beautiful sword!

Viking Sword with silver-inlaid hilt, century Denmark. Located at Reichsstadtmuseum Rothenburg, Germany.

Viking Sword, 9th/10th century Denmark Pommel and cross-guard each retaining traces of silver and gold inlaid Nordic ornaments. The blade with...

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The Viking Sword

The Vikings were explorers, traders, and pioneers, but their culture revolved around warfare. Starting in 793 with the violent raid at the abbey on Lindisfarne in northern England, Viking marauders…

Museum of artifacts Hilt of a Century Viking Sword Late viking age sword from Bygland, Norway. It is wrapped with silver thread and the hilt and pommel at the top are covered in silver with details in gold, edged with a copper alloy thread.

Viking Sword Discovered in Norway

Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. From Vågå church, Oppland, Norway.

Viking sword grips?

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Viking sword from the century

Viking Hilt

Only two more rusty swords... I love how the detail is still all lovely and shiny. This is from the 9th/10th century

Viking/North Germanic style Sword hilts and Axe heads of the Migration Period-Viking Age. by corina Viking Warrior, Viking Sword, Viking Life, Viking Art, Sword Hilt, Viking Culture, Medieval Weapons, Norse Vikings, Fantasy Weapons

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Viking Sword of Petersen Type R (Variant) and Wheeler Type VI, century, probably East European Overall length: cm Blade length: cm

A Viking Sword of Petersen Type R (Variant) and Wheeler Type VI, 10th/11th century, probably East European In excavated condition, with broad slightly...