Romanian girls in traditional dress /// use the textures for decorations

Romanian folk costumes from Libotin (left) and Ungureni (right), both from the Lăpuş region, Maramureş, Transylvania © Tudor Seulean

Romanian costume  Sheepskin jacket (bondiţa) , Valea Bistriţei, Neamţ (Moldavia)

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume and Embroidery of Neamț County, Moldavia, Romania

Romanian folk costume.

Ensemble Jacot Bitterman Museum of Art, New York Costume Institute Date: century Culture: Romanian Medium: cotton, silk Credit Line: Gift of Princesse Serge Wolkonsky, 1954

romanian costume

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martha's vienna: Beautiful Romanian Embroidery

The Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest houses a superb collection of garments, farm and household items collected from all over Rom.

Transylvanian sheepski embroidered vest

parna vintage linen and hemp: Embroidered sheepskin waistcoat from Transylvania

Romanian costume Dobroteşti - Dolj  Short fabric waistcoat called giubea, edged with fur worn by a pipemaker. Decorated with red, yellow and green embroidery. The 'squirl' patterns are typical of this area of southern Romania. Brown 'trilby' shaped felt hat   Photo taken at Astra Museum, Sibiu, August 1998

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