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three different colored cars are in front of the alfa logo on a white background with red and green letters
fmd159 Shop | Redbubble
an old red car parked in a parking garage
This Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior Is For Life
the front end of a red sports car
Alfa Romeo GTAM Illustration on yellow by Alain Jamar
an old red car is parked on the cobblestone road in front of a guinness sign
Auto e Vita 🇮🇹 Italiana on Twitter
a red car is shown in the center of a black and white circle with words on it
Heavy metal Giulia GT junior by Azaziel-Art on DeviantArt
two men in red racing uniforms standing next to each other
Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari at United States GP High-Res Professional Motorsports Photography
a red sports car parked on top of a gravel covered parking lot next to a sidewalk
a black and red heart with the letter s in it's center on a dark background