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When I build a house, these will be in the office and kitchen...oh yes

Recharge your mobile devices with ease thanks to this clever USB wall outlet with two built in USB ports. Now you can throw out all those bulky USB power adapters. This USB Wall Outlet is a great gift for the workplace or home office.

Touchscreen cutting board that can give you recipes, weigh what you're chopping and even tell you when it's clean enough #home #technology

The Almighty Board is the ultimate kitchen assistant. Cutting board, display your recipes, directions, weigh your ingredients. After you wash it, it will even tell you if it has been cleaned enough to avoid cross-contamination or food poisoning.

A speaker which screws into a lightbulb socket. It connects wirelessly to a ipod dock.

The Audio Light Bulb. This is the wireless, illuminated speaker that installs as easily as a light bulb. It fits unobtrusively within a recessed can light receptacle, replacing a standard light bulb, for discreet audio and lighting.

The Walhub isn’t your average switch plate though, this one becomes a dedicated site for your essentials – keys, mail, or your umbrella – by having a spot right by your door.

Switch Plates Reinvented - This would be great next to front door.