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Heel spur causes - Dr. Axe #health #Holistic #natural

A heel spur often goes unnoticed or misdiagnosed. What is a heel spur, and how do you heal one? Here are seven natural solutions to heal a heel spur.


This is Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. This is an interesting look into the life of Steve Jobs and is an excellent read. Anyone interested in the history of great influences on technology should read this book. Jobs was a great businessman.

7 Business Books

Find Success in the Silver Lining Step away from the negative shadows cast by the world's clouds and discover a positive reality--wide open with new soluti

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Jim Collins and his team put together a deeply researched study on why some companies make the leap and others don't. Collins draws empirical conclusions based the study of thirteen Great companies and their Good counterparts.

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell. "The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

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HBR's 10 Must Reads on Leadership (with featured article "What Makes an Effective Executive," by Peter F.