León Purpura

Royalty - Blue Art Print - Hamon Hamon Hamon Brzowski Hamon Brzowski Rodeman - Mama - do you love this? Leo/purple=awesome What an art !

Vestido Farm (R$ 469), brinco de metal You Do (R$ 160 o par), brinco de pena Metally (R$ 59)

Qual é a sua tribo?


Abstract Quilling using the Canvas on Edge Technique

Stephen Stum Jason Hallman = Stallman (the name of their company) are partners in life and in work, they work together to produce their…

Salustiano Garcia Cruz

Color Exploration: Paint It Patriotic!

Montserrat Gudiol ~ She was born in Barcelona in the daughter of the architect and art historian, Gudiol Ricart. Montserrat studied restoration of old paintings and focuses specifically on painting on wood and paper.


Abstract Quilling using the Canvas on Edge Technique

Evolution of Peace sculpted canvas and acrylic, charcoal with shades of bronze Artists: STALLMAN – Jason Hallman + Stephen Stum




20 Astonishing Quilling Artworks By Yulia Brodskaya