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How to make a quick and easy fluffy slime with just 3 household ingredients. This is one of the fluffiest, stretchiest and squishiest slimes we have ever played with!
The Playful Otter: Therapy Ball Activities Fun Deck
Sensory integration treatment ideas and tips for Occupational Therapists, parents, and educators for students in classrooms, at home, and in outpatient treatment clinics. This is a great resource for children with Autism, SPD, and sensory integration needs or deficits.
I asked parents this question: You Know You’re an SPD Parent When… The Sensory Spectrum received so many responses I’ve been releasing them in different posts. And now it’s time for the third installation! Finish this sentence… “You know you’re an SPD parent when ____.” You’re happy your kid has his meltdown at home and … … Continue reading →
What is Wrong with W Sitting | The Sensory Spectrum
A Mother's Story: What I Want to Tell Others about Sensory Processing Disorder
20 Proprioceptive Input Ideas for Home and School
Sleep Solutions for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder
Eating Issues and Sensory Processing Disorder are one of the most difficult aspects of SPD and autism for my child.
Is your child's behavior truly a behavior or could it be an underlying sensory processing problem? Come find out!