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Catalina Mihaela
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I believe in an open mind. But I would be lying if I said I was more attracted to men than women. If I love a man good. If I love a girl good. Not sure what to call it so for now bisexual works.

Love is love. it doesn't matter who the lover is or who is being loved. all that matters it that it is pure. love is an endless possibility. An Adventure That Starts With A Simple "Hello".

Sixpack Attack

Bliss/Crunch Six pack Attack! Thus class is designed to help you sculpt a six-pack by incorporating six super-effective, ab-activating firming and toning exercises.

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Funniest Minions Pictures and Memes We have collected most funniest minions quotes, we hope you will enjoy them/ These minions are always funny they do things really stupid, they are fond of friend…

Forget classic friendship bracelets-- these Fishtail Bracelets are the accessories to have this summer. With a smooth weave that's quick to master, this DIY bracelet will have all your friends asking how you made it.

Have you ever heard of fishtail braid? Braided jewelry with fishtail weave could be as wonderful as you can imagine. Now let me prove its beauty through this DIY fishtail bracelet. You will see how it makes in full instruction pictures.