Catalin Becheru

Catalin Becheru

Catalin Becheru
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Art...: Rubbing Plates, Flip-Flops and Stencils

Rubbing Plates, Flip-Flops & with StencilGirl Stencils. Making a rubbing plate from a stencil

DIY Faceted Clay Tealight Holders - A Little Craft In Your Day

geometric faceted clay tea light holders made from air drying clay - could make with polymer clay, obviously take the tealight candle out before you bake

Cardboard Textures

LESSON Objective- working in small groups, students will create a cardboard relief that illustrates an EoA, while working in a series (about pieces). Later, combine each series set to create 1 large display of the elements of art

Medium o20 over v389 tile layering 2048px

Opalescent bluebell over v flame orange

Grand River Pottery | Susan & Eric A. Anderson | Ceramics

Vessel inspired by botanicals. Field trip to botanical gardens Susan Anderson Ceramics