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a map of france showing the major roads
an old map shows the location of several towns in latin - american countries, including guatemala
100 metų by Lietuvos statistika - Infogram
a map of germany with the borders and major cities in red, yellow and green
a map of europe with all the major cities and their respective countries in color on it
a map showing the countries in red and green, with names on it's borders
an old map of the roman empire
1902 Map of the Balkans [1316x1702]
an old black and white photo of a fountain in front of a building with people standing around it
Berliner Schloss - architektur- und kunstgeschichtliche Aspekte - Architekturforum Architectura Pro Homine
a map of the russian empire showing its major cities and their territorial territorys, as well as other countries
a map that shows the areas in which there are different types of versailes
So much for two World Wars! President Sarkozy angers French by saying Alsace region is STILL German in 'simple error'