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two lamps hanging from the ceiling in a room
Basket Cloche Lamp
Roost Basket Cloche Lamps #modish #lighting
two lamps sitting on top of a white floor
"The name of the Greek goddess Theia: the mother of the sun, the moon and the dawn, lends itself to this lamp because its design primarily seeks to express the beauty of light and the fascination we feel for it. In Theia, materials and shapes are merely the means to materialise the concept, which is behind it: merging light and shadow in a single piece" - ARCHIPRODUCTS - ("Theia" Lamp designed Mathias by Hahn for Marset)
a chair with a light on it next to a lamp in the middle of a room
Черный матовый стильный
vCarronade lampsby Markus Johansson Design Studio 7
a floor lamp with two black lamps on it
Черный матовый стильный
Carronade lampsby Markus Johansson Design Studio 6
a modern light fixture hanging from the ceiling in an empty room with concrete walls and flooring
Twist lamps by Inshovid (P2)
查看此 @Behance 项目:“Twist lamps by Inshovid (P2)”
two wooden plates sitting on top of a table next to each other in front of a window
A visual diary from an Amsterdam based product designer
two wooden and white lamps hanging from the ceiling
Nuts About this Lighting! - Yanko Design
We're just nutty about the Nut-C collection of pendant style lighting! Inspired by the designers favorite type, the top wood section with an elongated stem resembles
a wall mounted toilet paper dispenser on the side of a gray wall
two gold handles on a black wall
a white and black light hanging from a ceiling fixture with a metal cage around it
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8-inch (White/Black)
a black and gold wall light with two lights on each side, one bulb turned off
....Beaubien Wall Double Shade..Beaubien Murale Abat-Jour Double....