Beekeeping for Beginners

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Are you a beginner beekeeper?Or maybe you want to keep bees. Raising bees is a wonderful activity. Backyard beekeeping can become a very popular pastime. It's not always easy but you can become a beginner beekeeper.

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Beekeeping - Beehives
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Beekeeping - Beehives

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What is the big deal with beekeeping?  Explore the world of the honey bee with these common beekeeping questions most often asked by new beekeepers.  #carolinahoneybees #beekeepingquestions #beekeeping

Common Beekeeping Questions - Carolina Honeybees

Learning more about beekeeping is an interesting activity. These common beekeeping questions will help educate you on the awesomeness of bees!

What does a nectar dearth mean to bees?  Is there anything the beekeeper can do to help bees during this time? #carolinahoneybees #nectardearth #beekeepingtips

Nectar Dearth - Trouble for Honey Bees

How to diagnose a nectar dearth and how to help your bees. Lack of abundant nectar or pollen affects the colony population, behavior and survivability.

Labeling Honey - What you need to know to label your honey jars for sale or gift giving.  Show off your honey crop in the very best light.  #carolinahoneybees #labelinghoney #honeyjarlabel

Labeling Honey: A Complete Guide - Carolina Honeybees

Labeling honey jars correctly is the first step in selling your honey crop. Label requirements must meet local honey regulations and laws.

Raw beeswax is a great craft item.  But before you can use it, you must spend some time cleaning and melting the beeswax. #carolinahoneybees #rawbeeswax #meltingbeeswax

Cleaning Beeswax the Easy Way - Carolina Honeybees

Learn how to clean beeswax for home use or crafts. Gather a few simple tools and cleaning beeswax can be done safely without a lot of mess.

Bee facts sure to give you a buzz.  How much do you really know about this incredible insect? #carolinahoneybees #beefacts #honeybees

103 Bee Facts - Secrets You Never Knew

Do you know a lot about honey bees? Check out these 103 Bee Facts and you may find some surprises. Lot's of fun and bee knowledge - quiz your friends.

Before building your own beehive, you need to consider several bee hive plans.  Construction is easy but precise measurements are important.  #carolinahoneybees #buildahive #beehiveplans

Choosing a Beehive Plan

Interested in building a beehive of your own? You can build a beehive for your bees with a few simple tools. But, it is important to follow a good plan.

Need a gift for a beekeeper?  Check out the 9 best gifts for beginner beekeepers.  Practical gift ideas that are sure to create a buzz.  #carolinahoneybees #beekeepergifts #beegifts

9 Best Gifts for Beekeeper Beginners - Carolina Honeybees

Finding quick gifts for beekeeper beginners is not easy. This guide provides some great practical beekeeper gift ideas sure to please anyone.

How to choose the best bees for your hive. #carolinahoneybees #honeybees #beekeepingtips

Choosing the Best Types of Honey Bees

Which types of honey bees are best for new beekeeper? Learning how to choose the bees that will best suit your beekeeping goals.

How many uses for beeswax in and around your home can you name?  There are many ways to use this natural was made by bees.   #carolinahoneybees #usesforbeeswax #beeswaxcrafts

Uses for Beeswax - You Have Never Thought About

Uses for beeswax in and around the home. Learn how you can use this all natural product for crafts, household chores, hobbies and more.

So someone on your list is a beekeeper and you have no idea what to buy.  No worries - this guide will give you some great gift ideas that are sure to please.  #carolinahoneybees #beegifts #beekeepergifts

Beekeeper Gifts - What to Buy

Beekeeper gifts can be hard to select for someone unfamiliar with beekeeping. This guide to beekeeper gifts will solve all your bee gift giving problems.

Queen bees are the royalty of the hive.  A queen bee has more than one role to play. #carolinahoneybees #queenbees #honeybees

Queen Bees

Think you know a lot of queen bee facts? You may be surprised to learn that although she is very important - she depends on others too survive.

Honey bees collect nectar to make honey.  But, they do not use pollen to make honey.  Why do bees need pollen?  #carolinahoneybees #beepollen #honeybees

Why Bees Collect Pollen?

Bees use pollen as a protein source to rear baby bees. Without pollen, the bee colony would fail. Worker bees collect pollen and store it in the hive.

Honeybee perform a variety of different bee jobs over the course of their lives.  One very important task is the job of scout bee.  Learn why they are so vital to hive life.   #carolinahoneybees #scoutbees #beejobs

Honey Bee Scouts

The role of scout bees in the honey bee colony. Scout bees search out resources needed by the colony, including looking for a new home.

Make your own solar wax melter for melting beeswax - it's easy and inexpensive to melt your raw beeswax. #carolinahoneybees #beeswaxmelter #meltingbeeswax

Melting Beeswax with a Solar Wax Melter - Under $10

Harness the power of the sun for melting beeswax. Make your own solar wax melter for less than $10 and have clean beeswax to use for projects.

Does your beehive need a new queen? Keeping young queens in your hive will reduce swarming and increase productivity. #carolinahoneybees #queenbees #beekeepingtips

Do You Need a New Queen?

Requeening a hive with a young mated queen will increase colony health and productivity. Learn the best way to replace a queen bee in your hive.

Crafting with beeswax is so much fun and it's rather easy too!  Learn how to create these simple beeswax sachets and sweeten up any room.  Great small gift idea too!   #carolinahoneybees #DIYwaxsachets #beeswaxcrafts

DIY Wax Sachets

Create your own natural air fresheners. These DIY Herbal Wax Sachets with Beeswax will freshen up any small space in your home.