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tables and chairs are set up for an event with pink napkins on the table
Sweet 16
an outdoor table set up with pillows and umbrellas for a picnic or tea party
IKEA diy picnic table
Picnic table diy #picnictable #birthdayparty #mashaandthebear
there are balloons and toys on the grass in front of a backdrop that says 1
a decorated wall with balloons and other items in the shape of cow's head
Howdy pink cow-girl
Greenery and balloons bday set up. Follow me on Instagram @carolfulevents for more ideas.
an outdoor party setup with balloons and tableware on the ground, in front of a brick building
Rustic/elegant birthday
Pallets/balloons/fresh flowers
Birthday set up. Birthday decor with shimmer wall.
balloons and streamers are hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall with a sign that says happy new year
Shimmer wall. Mirror wall. Birthday set up.