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Fabric manipulation swatches using gathering to create different texture and surface effects - creative sewing; textile techniques

Fabric manipulation swatches - pinch, tuck, scrunch techniques Visual Texture Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures

cool blog about modern embroidery and textile art    what i like: differing pattern, texture, but all in the same color - maybe good for creating a ground

Modern embroidery and textile art, what i like: differing patterns and texture. If these were made with brighter happier fabrics or neutral full colors, it can be something great.

Felt Wall Coverings by Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Textile art: felt fabric manipulation - sculptural textiles design by Anne Kyyro Quinn


Textile design with an elegant use of fold and shape repetition to create textural patterns - fabric manipulation // Amy Pliszka


Textiles surface design using fabric to create dimensional structures inspired by sea life; creative fabric manipulation // Asta Masiulyte textile art of amazing detail and design