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a porch with a swing chair and pillows on the floor next to an ocean view
a bedroom with green painted walls and wooden flooring, built into the side of a house
The Hippie Home ☮️🕉❤️
Hippie, Bohemian lifestyle. Take off your flip flops & wander thru this beautiful place. Smell the incense wafting thru the air. The sound of gongs, wind chimes, & crystal bowls singing to your soul. Know that the universe loves you and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
an empty room with several windows and a ceiling fan in the middle of the room
3 seasons room interior
a porch with potted plants on the steps and an open door leading to another room
an outdoor bbq with bottles and drinks on the table next to it, in front of a brick building
Rooms, Tableaus, & Details
a kitchen counter with coffee pots and kettles on it
Instead of Subway Tile - Kitchen Backsplash Ideas — Hurd & Honey
Do you feel like everywhere you look you see subway tile? We have subway tile in our kitchen, and we do love it, but if there had been more options when we built our home we would have done something more rustic, and more colorful....