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the hearts of math are shown in red and white
Heart Curves Tile Coaster | CafePress
Tile shows six different heart curves, along with the equations of the curves. Who says math can't be romantic?
a heart shaped cloud in the blue sky
beauty in the mundane
an image of a heart with the formulas for two lines and one point on it
Ecuaciones del amor
a heart shaped cloud in the blue sky
Heart-shaped cloud over Shoebury
a piece of wood that has been cut in half with the words i am the vine, ye are the branches
an old rusted iron gate with a heart in the middle
formes et couleurs de la vie - life, shapes in color
an airplane leaving a heart shaped trail in the sky
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a yellow leaf laying on the ground with a quote written in spanish above it that says, if nadda no sauva de la muertes, al menos ques, al menos que el mundos
Imágenes de otoño – Fondos de pantalla y mucho más