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a poster with the words purgatory written on it and hands holding a rosary
Pray for the Holy Souls in purgatory.
a mother's prayer for her son to pray on the floor with his child
22 Prayers For My Mom - The Graceful Chapter
Prayers for my mom - Bless her with a long and healthy life
an image of the virgin mary in rosarys with text that reads how to say the rosary
Come, Pray the Rosary – The Sorrowful Mysteries
an advertisement for the catholic church's easter service in english and spanish, with pictures of jesus on the cross
an angel made out of paper with the words angel of god written on it's chest
Cute and Easy Angel Craft for kids! – Little Ways Sacrifice Beads
Here is a simple craft for to use for the feast of the Holy Angels or to simply help teach your child or Sunday school class the Guardian Angel Prayer.... Read The Rest →
the prayer for saint sebastian in english and spanish, with an ornate border around it
st-sebastian-wrestling-prayer-card-sterling-filled-necklace-by-bliss-1.gif (353×609)
a white ceramic hand with words written in different languages and colors on it, sitting on a wooden surface
Personalized Gifts, Keepsake Gifts
A keepsake confirmation gift idea