Some of the best timed photographs, I’m sure most of them are not on purpose but they turn out to be something really great ! Kudos to all the photographers and subjects involved in this amazing collection of timed photographs .

“Told a Cow it had been chosen as This year's Olympic Flame. The Farmer is going Fucking Mental. I am in a Tree”

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If the world runs on Dunkin', the Internet runs on animals. Animals do crazy and awesome and hilarious things and sometimes it's like the do it just so we can laugh at with them. Here are 13 animal photobombs guaranteed to make e.

When it comes to billboard advertising, agencies have to double a check the wall they’re going to use. Check out 10 Most Unfortunate Advertising Placements

Sometimes a photo is taken from the perfect angle at just the right moment, and the picture ends up looking SO funny!

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PERFECTLY TIMED DOGBIRD Photograph by Megan Whiteley In this perfectly timed photograph of a dog and bird by Megan Whiteley, we see what looks to be a flying dog at the beach.