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a woman is washing her hands in the sink
Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius bathroom water faucet
an image of a laundry machine that is open
Mainstays Sneaker Wash & Dry Bag -
FINALLY!! dry shoes without the 'clunking' and undergarments without the tangling!
a toaster with a slice of bread in it
goodbye burnt toast
corn on the cob is being peeled and put in a container with an orange slice
Indoor & Outdoor Décor, Furniture, Rugs and Hearth
tooooo cool
a plastic bag with two green toothbrushes in it
Top 10 Great Kitchen Gadgets for You: Best Home Guide
I need this...holds baggies open so you can pour things in using both hands!
a glass cup filled with green liquid on top of a white table
Coffee Joulies: Keep Your Coffee or Tea Hot For Hours
How neat! -> These oversized metal beans will cool down your scalding hot coffee or tea to an acceptable 140° Fahrenheit and then hold it around that temperature for as long as five hours. How cool is that?!
a person is holding a cake pan and knife
Piece of cake slicer