Modern prefab homes

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a man is working on the side of a small black building with metal roof and windows
a small house with a blue roof and wooden siding
Keane Building — Black Barn Project
an outdoor fire pit surrounded by chairs and umbrellas in the fall leaves with lights strung overhead
Stay | Stay Blackwood Norfolk - Pampa Journal
there is a wooden deck with benches on it and trees in the backround
House on Todos Los Santos Lake / Apio Arquitectos
a small black cabin in the woods surrounded by rocks and trees, with a couch on the lawn
a black metal building with a bed in the corner and trees behind it on a hillside
Gallery of Chalet M / Silvia Acar Arquitetura - 8
an open door to a wooden building with metal siding on the outside and wood paneling on the inside
the side of a black building with large windows on it's sides and grass in front
Low cost energy efficient rectangular design
a small black building sitting on top of a lush green field next to tall trees
Prefab Modular Homes by MIMA