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patent leather skirt

// 'modern life is rubbish'

Tip of tail is black and black spot halfway up tail are distinguishing marks of the Wolf.

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I have no idea what kind of mushroom this is, but with the lighting, the picture is just Amazing by Brent Csutoras

fragile beautiful forest jewelry:) ____________________________________________________ Some nice Workshops possible: - Mushrooms - Schloss Neuschwanstein from the special viewpoint - Waterfalls Just contact me: pfisters.


Nature's beauty in lavender. Spider's web of jewels.

Mushroom and The Bubbble

enchanted forest - bubble and a mushroom

"To dream of mushrooms denotes fleeting happiness, to dream you are gathering them, fickleness in a lover or consort." --Richard Folkard in Plant Lore (1884)

The babe laughed a laugh that filled all the hollow spaces in the forest. As I fairy I smiled and helped carry it to the tree. Any abandoned or orphaned creatures we brought to our sanctuary. The head fairy, my mother, was the in charge and each fairy was