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Build a Food Dehydrator

Above is a view of the front of the dehydrator showing the computer fan on the right to add more air into the unit, the electrical box mounted on top that the…

Blue three piece

February I went to the Indochino Traveling Tailor event tonight in LA where they set up a pop-up for people to come get measured and fitted for their suits. It’s a great idea for those looking to get a nice quality suit at a great price that is

Mens suits, I will look good in this suit.

Tweed Sport Jacket A sport coat, sport jacket, also called a sports coat or sports jacket, less commonly sportcoat, is a tailored jacket.

5 Must Have Suits in Every Man’s Wardrobe

meninthistown: “OLD FASHIONED WEEK STREET STYLE Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned week, day four with the fine folks at Maker’s Mark. Been capturing street style inspired by the Old Fashioned way of doing.

Men's fashion, Men's style, dress to impress, man with style Tailored suits are…

Here, we see a very sharp classic style that just won't quit. The lovely waistcoat beneath (men, invest in a waistcoat!) and the pointed pocket square all lend a confident, intelligent, and business-like feel. It's hard to ignore a man dressed so well.

English tailoring. Custom Taylor-made men's Suit. Paul Stuart

Custom Taylor-made men's Suit by Paul Stuart

Burgundy boutonniere | Burgundy Wedding | Matrimonio color borgogna | Sweet…

What do you think of this three-piece suit? We love the rich burgundy accents. My beau's suit for our special day

warm layers

A gentleman never gets his hands dirty. That's what gloves are for. Downton Abbey, as seen on Masterpiece PBS

it’s hard to get more perfect than this #menfashion (via Always on the street |

Now here is some really beautiful creativity in menswear. I love the way the blue and white stripe shirt bring out the pattern in the blazer, and the browns will not overpower the outfit, since the pants are much lighter.

110% cool

Texture City brown suit jacket & blue chambray shirt with gray texture tie