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Reborn Thingol and Melian by IDAHL.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Возвращение в Валинор. Келебриан, Элронд и Эарендил  Reuniting in Valinor by MirachRavaia

Fourth Age

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Ara on Instagram: “Valinor times vs post Nirnaeth Maitimo. . . . . . . . . . #maedhros #nelyafinwë #maitimo #russandol estoy poniendo todos los nombres solo…”

Aman YT

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Tumblr — место, где можно самовыражаться, читать самое любимое и находить друзей по интересам.

Kidnap dads

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Annatar. By Idahlart


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The Hobbit - Thranduil x Bard - Barduil


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Third Age

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First Age

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“The Doors of Durin” The ninth of fifteen new watercolours depicting JRR Tolkien’s Second Age.
Celebrimbor and Narvi

Second Age

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The Rings of Power - Nenya. The Lord of the Rings / J. R. R. Tolkien
Галадриэль и маленькая Келебриан


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Прекрасные иллюстрации Елены Кукановой к книгам Д.Р. | OK.RU

elven jewelry

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#sorry i'm not sorry about my elf problem

modern AU

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The Lord of the Rings: Orc Vitality Drink
Recipe for roast pork and onion chutney for the dinner in Hobbiton feast for Hobbit Day.
Bifur's Apple Tart - The Hobbit Recipe


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weapons, armour etc

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deviantART: More Like Funeral of Haldad, Haldar and the Men of Brethil. by steamey


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general traditional art

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Cool pic of Bilbo and Sauron; I love imagining a meeting between Frodo, Bilbo, and Sauron.
Логово – 9 000 фотографий

The Hobbit

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After the battle some returned to Ossiriand, and their tidings filled the remnant of their people with great fear, so that thereafter they came never forth in open war, but kept themselves by wariness and secrecy; and they were called the Laiquendi, the Green-elves, because of their raiment of the colour of leaves. ~ The Silmarillion, Of the Sindar.


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For generations of readers, J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings started their journey into the fantasy genre.

books about/following canon

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Melian by bobgreyvenstein on DeviantArt


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books and merch

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Melkor Was Here

charts, maps and general info

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Tol Galen by KipRasmussen
Amon Ereb by peet.deviantart.com. 'Between Ramdal and Gelion there stood a single hill of great extent and gentle slopes, but seeming mightier than it was, for it stood alone; and that hill was named Amon Ereb. Upon Amon Ereb died Denethor, lord of the Nandor that dwelt in Ossiriand...Caranthir fortified it to guard his escape into the south after the Dagor Bragollach[4] and the Fëanorions withdrew there after Nirnaeth Arnoediad.


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