Camita Cami

Camita Cami

Nu-mi plac : violenta, invidia,barfa si nedreptatea in relatiile interumane. Nu suport : violenta si indiferenta oamenilor asupra bietelor animale !
Camita Cami
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Exotic Glamour: The Royal Mansour in Marrakech

I am crazy about Moroccan design. I love the exotic glamour of it--the rich colors, the incredible details, the pattern-on-pattern, the silhouettes.

Lacy light at he Royal Mansour, Marrakech. HallSpa 0042A

This makes me want to go all white iron in our garden! Lacy light at the Royal Mansour Hotel Spa, Marrakech.

The orient

Here for your consideration is an artistic picture of Street in the old town. This color photochrome print was created in 1899 in Biskra, Algeria. The picture presents Street in the old town, I, Biskra, Algeria.