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Camelié Oroian

Tattoo. Manga. Ice cream. Snow. Music. Yaoi. Samurai. More manga.
Camelié Oroian
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things like I'm pretty, worth ur time, that u care. but no one ever really does care so don't get my hopes up

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culturenlifestyle: “ Stunning Dreamlike Circular Tattoos by Eva Krbdk Istanbul-based artist Eva Krbdk composes beautiful miniature tattoos with a spellbinding and magical quality.

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Description payment terms shipping terms description blue watercolor lotus flower temporary tattoo waterproof stickers art women diy created by laqapp.included in the package:quantity: 2 in a set inst

PapiRouge - Tattoo Zeichnungen Something like this but with a bee and flower perhaps

Love this piece with cherry blossoms above the vines on top.make the compass glass broken.", "Compass Tattoo, except instead of an anchor and a bird, I