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an outdoor seating area with couches and pillows
Gulv p terrasse bygget op af paller - yosemitebob
Gulv p terrasse bygget op af paller
a pile of wood sitting on top of a cement block
Outdoors with Bear Grylls
Love this idea for storing firewood outside. If you make it using PVC decking material it would last longer!
a white house with an attached carport
Garage bois ANJOU 1 pente 2.70 m x 7 m - Gamme CERISIER
Garage 1 pente 2.70mx7.00m - Cerisier : abris de jardin en bois
this is an outdoor living area with wooden flooring
This California Home Was Definitely Designed For Outdoor Entertaining
This large pergola has enough space for a large outdoor lounge and dining area.
three different views of an old brick building with wood sidings and the roof being constructed
Terrassenüberdachung |
Ein Terrassendach muss nicht teuer sein. Wir zeigen eine günstige Version zum selbst bauen. Wenn man PVC-Wellplatten statt Glas verwendet, wird es kostengünstig.
the steps are being used to make a deck that is built into an outdoor area
Bangkirai verlegen |
Du hättest gerne eine Terrasse aus Bangkirai oder Douglasie? Mit unserer Schritt für Schritt Bauanleitung kannst du die Terrasse inklusive LED-Spots für die richtige Beleuchtung selbst bauen.
colorful hammocks are lined up in front of a brick building with flowers growing out of them
Half tyres painted and potted to use as a fence.
three different views of a small wooden cabin
Умный мастер | Все своими руками
House made of pallets
an outdoor area with wood slices on the ground in front of a log cabin at night
So we had to cut a very large tree down, so instead of turning it into fire wood we turned it into a patio. We love it. We used 3-4 inch slabs of western red cedar, laid on a base of rock and sand, with 1/2 inch crushed rock in between. Enjoy.
a wooden deck with chairs and table on top of it in the middle of a yard
Photos de maisons
galets mis en place - La maison cube par choupie90 sur
two people are sitting on the ground in front of some logs and grass with trees cut into them
Home - The Owner-Builder Network
It's amazing what you can do with one fallen tree and a chainsaw isn't it? Most of us look at a fallen tree and see firewood. But wait! This gallery shows you why you shouldn't burn those logs: Burn a log and it’s gone forever! Firewood? We don’t think so!: