Adorable little people fashion | Boys! No way + haircut and everything! #PrettyPerfectKids Fashionista Kiddos // Pretty Perfect Living

Adorable little people fashion Boys No way haircut and everything PrettyPerfectKids Fashionista Kiddos Pretty Perfect Living

my kind of guy

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I have no idea who this is but.kinda hard to take your eyes off of to be perfectly honest :)

NYC. Youth. New. Fresh. Clean. Street Style. Trend. Modern. Outside the Box. Boots. Rough. Pattern. Baseball Jacket. Print. Black & White. Casio. Watch. Tee. Oversized. Dope. Awesome. True Style. Men. Fashion. Clothing. Outfit. Slim.

Skinny Wripped Jeans x Wheat Timb's x Varsity Jacket x Flannel shirt= Trill


Unisex, not pre-shrunk. Front: "Macklemore Loves Colorado" Designed by Ben Haggerty. Printed in Seattle.


HOT GUY so hot, with that grunge style, beanie, skate boarder feel and hoodie. I have a thing for emo-ish guys.

More guys need to dress like this.

Things I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)

I generally don't go for the little hipster boy look but... he fine

I grew up in Cali with my parents." He nodded. "My mom is a fashion designer -" he made a face that stated his opinion on that "-and my dad produces TV shows.