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7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home. Learn how to use objects around you while prepping and having fun!
In a long-term disaster you can use buckets for all sorts of things. This post describes 15, and after you read it you'll never throw a bucket away again.
Please only use this for self defense. The following list reveals methods, and techniques that could kill an attacker with your bare hands.
You've got your CNC mill, but now what? These useful bits will get you going on most starter projects.
Total Guide to CNC Milling Machine Cutters
31 pcs decor CNC 3d Relief Model STL for Router Engraver Mill Woodworking
The 'Tesla drone concept' really does a revamp on drone design, with an upper and lower propeller layout, carrying the payload in the middle, the payload in question here is a rather marvelous 4K camera... READ MORE at Yanko Design !
Minneapolis maker Greg Flanagan demystifies CNC router bits on the 100kGarages blog. CNC routers need bits. They determine the kind of carving you can do,
Gravely Tractors - Quick Hitch push cart attachment on a 12HP tractor -
power king tractor | Power King - Yesterday's Tractor Co. (#1199043)