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Calina Seulean

Midgard / "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. " ^_^
Calina Seulean
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fuchs karte origami

I've tried this: This is a GREAT origami tutorial for a fox. It gets a little bit confusing, so I don't recommend it to total beginners, but ultimately it makes a cute origami fox that can stand up on its own.

The Midnight Sea – Kat Ross

The Midnight Sea (Fourth Element Kat Ross Publication date: May 2016 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult They are the light against the darkness. The steel against the necromancy of the Dr…


For me the issue is stomach discomfort and vomiting. I also get really short with people and agitated with almost anything. Its like I dont even want to be wherever it is I am having the anxiety attack at. MELINA THIS IS WHY I ZONE OUT!


Next time you& feeling restless, try eating a few spoons of celery seed (sprinkle them over a salad or in a soup). The essential oils extracted from celery seed have been shown to work very well tranquilizing the nervous system. These seeds are als