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(Open with Jinx)I looked in the mirror my shirt off as I look at all my scars.some from past times with my brother and some from me I tried not to cry but I did as I looked nervously at my nightstand drawer where I keep my razor just as I started to walk to it the door opened

Not beautiful because of the scars . But because of the courage to share the story that each scar tells and not hide behind the pain . this photo touches the very depths of my soul.

People say god is the answer but honey god left me a long time ago. and where he left me was in the middle of nowhere stranded when I needed him the most.

I'm just so done right now. Tomorrow, I'm finding more blades.

Tomorrow, I'm finding more blades.

If you feel the urge to cut or harm your self hold ice in your hand for a while, instead of cutting.... there are people who care..... your not alone just find help. We are here for you!!

Judge ment can be heard and seen, n this is what it ends up as.

villain inspiration

I always have a quick smoke after another kill. It's become such a ritual that my fingers twitch when I think about murder in the light my mouth waters with anticipation for the familiar smoke drifting in and out of my lungs.