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Flora Farms “Farmarita”
One of my favorite cocktails of all time is the Farmarita from Flora Farms in Cabo. This magical restaurant is one of my favorite places in the world and I love being able to get a taste of that vacation vibe at home. You would think that a carrot margarita wouldn’t be that exciting, but I promise you it just WORKS. You will be obsessed!
Green Blood Mary = The Best Bloody MaryDelish Alcohol Drink Recipes, Essen, Blood Mary, Liquor Drinks, Boozy Drinks, Mixed Drinks Recipes, Ideas Food, Cocktail Drinks Recipes, Drinks Alcohol Recipes
Green Blood Mary = The Best Bloody Mary
Green Blood Mary = The Best Bloody MaryDelish
someone pouring orange juice into two cups with cinnamon sticks on the side and another cup next to them
Iced Golden Milk Latte (Paleo, Vegan)
This iced golden milk turmeric latte is paleo and vegan, loaded with anti-inflammatory turmeric and other ancient, healing spices. It comes together so quickly and is naturally sweetened, super refreshing, and perfect for warmer weather. This iced golden milk turmeric latte is a modern take on an ancient healing drink, and you can feel fantastic about shaking up batches of this paleo and vegan drink! #ayurveda #turmeric #antiinflammatory #vegan #paleo #dairyfree #drink #healthy #refinedsugarfree
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Blueberry Martini Jello Shots – NYC
Blueberry Martini Jello Shots My friend Chris invited me to a barbecue last weekend, and wanting to be a good..
pineapple mojitos with limes and mint in mason jars
Pineapple Mojitos
These Pineapple Mojitos are so light and refreshing, it's the perfect Cocktail! | http://Tastefulventure.com
a mason jar filled with pickled vegetables and lemons
Easy Cocktail Pickles - Jerry James Stone
Easy Cocktail Pickles
two glasses filled with lemonade and mint garnish on a wooden cutting board
Lemonade with Jalapeño, Cilantro - Jerry James Stone
A delicious lemonade drink recipe with a hot and spicy twist. This recipe adds fresh cilantro and jalapeno to the classic beverage.
two glasses filled with orange margaritas and garnished with cucumber slices
Spicy Grapefruit Jalapeño Margarita
Spicy Grapefruit Jalapeño Margarita - A fun twist on a classic drink! Salty, spicy, sweet, tart and absolutely refreshing!
a hand holding up a cocktail with cucumbers and limes on the rim
Cilantro-Infused Spicy Jalapeno Margaritas
Cilantro-Infused Spicy Jalapeño Margaritas
2h 5m
two glasses filled with watermelon margaritas and topped with sliced jalapenos
Jalapeno Watermelon Margarita
This jalapeno watermelon margarita is made with pureed watermelon and spiked with jalapenos and just a splash of tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur.
two glasses filled with watermelon slushies on top of a wooden table
Boozy Sour Watermelon Slushies
Sour Patch Watermelon fans, your favorite candy just got boozy. Get the recipe from Delish.com.
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