WMF Espresso

German automatic coffee machine maker WMF is working to combine the sophistication of its super automatics with the sensory experience of an espresso machine.

WMF 8000S

Bean to Cup the NEW GENARATION combines hot and cold milk-frothing functions and offers top performance and a modern design.

WMF 1200S

may pha cafe tu dong

WMF 1500 S:Bean to Cup Coffee Machines: Coffee Machines

WMF Coffee Machines, fully automatic systems, products MADE IN GERMANY.

WMF 5000S

WMF 1500 S:Spezialitäten-Maschinen:Kaffeemaschinen


WMF 1500 S:Spezialitäten-Maschinen:Kaffeemaschinen

WMF Bistro

WMF Bistro