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an info poster showing different types of ice creams and coffee drinks in various flavors
Affogato: deliciosa combinación de café y helado
El affogato combina lo mejor de dos mundos: café espresso y helado de vainilla. Descubre como prepararlo y conoce su deliciosa historia.
a glass mug filled with liquid and sprinkled with cinnamon on top, next to a spoon
Food and drink Photography Workshop #workshop #food #photographer #masterclass #buenos aires
a menu for a cafe with coffee beans and leaves on the side, in spanish
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Cover of "La magia del Café"
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Salted Caramel Coffee Creamer + Iced Latte
Salted Caramel Coffee Creamer + Iced Latte - Wife Mama Foodie
there is a spoon with some food in it on top of the glass and another spoon next to it
Frothy Whipped Coffee White Russian.
The Frothy Whipped Coffee White Russian...not your average White Russian, just better! A fun delicious new twist on a classic cocktail!
an ice cream sundae is being poured into a glass
23 Formas de comer helado que te harán sentir que has desperdiciado tu vida
23 Formas de comer helado que te harán sentir que has desperdiciado tu vida
three desserts on a silver plate with spoons
Vietnamese Coffee Affogato - Taming of the Spoon
Vietnamese Coffee Affogato - a Vietnamese spin on the classic Italian dessert. Here the gelato is replaced with a simple, no-churn sweetened condensed milk ice-cream and Vietnamese coffee takes the place of espresso. It has all the hallmarks of a good Vietnamese ice coffee but let's you enjoy it in dessert form. |
Dalgona Coffee Rezeptidee | EAT SMARTER
Wir haben den aktuellen Food Trend ausprobiert und uns einen Dalgona Coffee zubereitet – aber wir haben ihn etwas optimiert, damit es ein gesundes Rezept ist! | EAT SMARTER #dalgonacoffee #icedcoffee #coffee #kaffee #dalgonakaffee #instantkaffee #gesundesrezept
there are ice cream and coffee on the tray next to each other, along with a bottle of bailey's
9 Irish Coffee Drinks You've Gotta Try This St. Patrick's Day
AFFOGATO IRLANDESA BAILEYS Se trata básicamente de una bebida italiana de lujo, donde café caliente se vierte sobre un par de bolas de helado y luego se mezcla con un tiro o dos de crema irlandesa.
an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce being poured into it
The perfect pour. Happy National Coffee Day!
someone is pouring ice cream into a glass
Café y helado: descubre los mejores affogatos en CDMX
#Coffee y ice cream lovers, esta nota es para ustedes. El affogato es ese deleite que nunca supimos que necesitábamos (y que nunca olvidaremos). #icecream #coffeelovers #cafe #helaldo
two glasses filled with different colored drinks on top of a wooden table next to a person's hand holding a straw
Easy Thai Iced Tea Recipe | Homemade Thai Tea | White On Rice
Because I have a strange addiction to Thai Tea... Easy Thai Tea Recipe (Thai Iced Tea) from White On Rice Couple
the ingredients to make an irish coffee drink
When you're fighting off sleep and that ohmigod I'm so full feeling, but still have a pile of dishes to wash, make yourself a super-easy but decadent Irish coffee.
When you’re fighting off sleep and that Ohmigod I’m So Full feeling, but still have a pile of dishes to wash, make yourself a super easy but decadent Irish coffee. | 15 Fancy Ways To Get Shamelessly Drunk On Thanksgiving
two cups filled with dessert sitting on top of a table
Toasted Coconut Mocha
¡¡Buenos días #viajeros!! ¿Frío o calientito su café? Comencemos con algo rico en la pancita. ¿Les late? #Tip: Cafezzito Aguascalientes Ubicado en Plaza Arcos CampestreLoc. 602. Tel: (449) 2514270 #SiTeGustaCompartelo