Had a hard time figuring out which board I should pin this one - science or design? Because that design is perfect. Shining Ball Scarab Beetle.

This beetle with a Transformer-esque cute game ~ 19 Creatures That Conclusively Prove Size Isn't Everything

Glenurus gratus. Una "hormiga león" (neurópteros) particularmente vistosa.

After emerging from their cocoons, a Dragonfly becomes a "Newt" then adolescent stage & finally an adult

Coptolabrus pustulifer shangzhouicus, Coptolabrus) pustulifer

Coptolabrus pustulifer shangzhouicus, Coptolabrus) pustulifer

Fuller Beetle, also by Bernard Durin,

Polyphylla Fullo a beetle of the family Scarabeidae; a dangerous pest of trees and vineyards that grow on sandy soils. The black, brown, or reddish brown elytra have characteristic marble design of white spots.

Megalorrhina harrisi procera Kolbe, 1884 (Scarabaeidae) Zair, Khoni - Shaba, XII.1990

Megalorrhina harrisi procera If u look in a unfocused way this kinda looks like boba fetts helmet lol

Geoscaptus cacus

Geoscaptus cacus who’s the colourist? O that’s right it’s Yahuah’s Work 😊

Corythucha ciliata                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Corythucha ciliata, the sycamore lace bug, is a species of lace bug Tingidae that is linked to sycamores in the New and Old It is native to the New world.