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Caceu Alexandru

Caceu Alexandru
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Door knockers can be found on front doors all over Europe. When you walk up to a front door and see one, don't you just have to use it? Anyone out there have a knocker on their front door?

15.) Hide wires and cables with a tiny picket fence.

cut idea to hide wires.especially in a play room, rec room or kid's room.However, if I was using in a play room or kids room I wouldn't use a picket fence but a rounded top. and Galoshes Photography

3.) Run cords along the walls with these pretty vine clips.

A beautiful and easy decorating DIY idea a lamp cage with colorful birds. Via Sema Decoration And a bird cage table lamp. Via flirckfotos Interior wall decorating with bird decorations.

22.) Keep your guests conscious of the environment with these little decals.

Wall sticker Factory Reminder wall art graphic decals original stickers idea by Design designer quirky decorative eco-friendly alternative home decoration

9.) Install stairs that double as drawers.

This is a fabulous storage solution for your shoes. Instead of letting your shoes clutter up your entrance way or take up valuable closet space try this out. Transform some stair steps into a shoe drawer.

Knife Block - English

This quite unusual but practical knife block is a relatively fast and simple project for your CNC machine.There is some manual work involved (edge rounding, glueing and sanding) but with the right tools it won't take too much time.