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Bouquet love the texture of these and idea of using mixed colours

Soft colourful seasonal country flowers The Garden Gate Flower Company in Cornwall

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Gorgeous Floral Arrangement in Shades of Red and Pinks

nature. landscape. snow. pink hues. lovely.

"Winter tones in Alaska" Just a beautiful sunset.

Farmhouse Christmas                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Farmhouse Christmas/ Would love to do this large scale.


Rice Terraces, Vietnam photo by mucang

Winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013.

Place: Runner-up. The shifting lights of the Aurora Borealis can take on many shapes and forms as they are moulded by the Earth’s complex magnetic field. Sheets and planes of glowing gas appear to be twisted into a giant vortex above Grøtfjord in Norway.

Aurora Borealis in Iceland. I want to visit different places to see the lights! Natural beauty displayed.

Aurora Borealis in Iceland. I must see Iceland. Only the hand og God could create such beauty here.

Yes, I simply went to a banquet on Como, I want a summer cottage there in 2013, okay? Brienno, Lago di Como, Italy

Brienno - Lago di Como, Italy - My dream destination.