Drawing eyes - anatomy and perspective by greyfin.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

companion piece to: Excuse my poor handling of the English language, you know I'm no. Drawing eyes - anatomy and perspective

....so I found some basic drawing tutorials, and I thought it would be nice to share this with you, guys!

Hello imgur...

I came across this tutorial guide on how to draw a face . It focuses on the face patterns, shapes and features like eyes, lips and nose.practice drawing the eyes, how to draw lips, & a basic outline of drawing a face.

Skin Tones

Skin tone practice using Lauren K. Cannon’s tutorials. Guys this painting stuff is really fun. Posting this because I figure someone else might benefit from these tutorials, they’re awesome.

“On Drawing Children” | drawing tips by Leela* • Blog/Website | (www.toerning.tumblr.com) ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES (www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences) invites you to support the Artists and Studios featured here by buying this and other artworks in their official online stores • Find us on www.pinterest.com/characterdesigh | www.youtube.com/user/CharacterDesignTV and learn more about #concept #art #animation #anime #comics || ★

simonist: “ On Drawing Children by =toerning ” I suggest checking out more of this artist’s gallery, too. Not only is their work fabulous, but they have many very helpful tutorials as well.

Shoulder Girdle Construction Notes by N3M0S1S on deviantART via PinCG.com

Shoulder Girdle Construction Notes - How to draw a shoulder - human anatomy - drawing reference

Anatomy For Sculptors

The Anatomy For Sculptors book is here! Great illustrations, really helpful tips and tricks… Hands-down one of the best anatomy references we’ve found. Highly recommended for any artist - or