Frank Frazetta:  Conan of Cimmeria

Conan the Barbarian, again. Actually the painting is entitled "The Frost Giant's Daughter," by Frank Frazetta.

FRANK FRAZETTA - Requiem for Sharks

brianmichaelbendis: “ A Requiem for Sharks by Frank Frazetta ”

Frank Frazetta. amazing behind. Amazing!

Frank Frazetta, The works of the late master fantasy artist, with News, Galleries, and Biography.

Savage Pellucidar ~ The Cave Girl

A random selection of my painting hero, Frank Frazetta's paintings from my image morgue. Rare photo of Frank at work.

Frank Frazetta

Wolf Art, Fantasy Art, Wolf Pack, Mother Protects Her Child From Hungry Wolves…

Frank Frazetta 09

Frank Frazetta, "The Cave Demon" Courtesy: Wonderful, Strange, and Beautiful Finds

Morning Gallop (The Wild Ride) by Frank Frazetta, c.1980

Morning Gallop (The Wild Ride) by Frank Frazetta, c.1980

A sketchy work in bronze. Frazetta really captured the dynamism of flight here.

One of the most famous stories in Greek mythology is the one about the flight of Icarus. Daedalus, a master craftsman, and his son Icarus were imprisoned in Crete by King Minos after Daedalus gave Minos' daughter, A

– Frank Frazetta

– Frank Frazetta

Deathdealer V

m Barbarian Royal Army Scout Med Armor Helm Spear Castle Wall vs Orc invaders Comic Book Artist: Frank Frazetta