Moldovita Monastery - Romania The Monastery of Moldovița was built in 1532 by Petru Rareș;It was founded as a protective barrier against the Muslim Ottoman conquerors from the East. This monastery is one of the five monasteries in N Moldavia with frescoes painted on the outer walls. Sister Maika, who has been living in the monastery for more than 50 years, says that it is "the holy scriptures in color".#roumanie #beautifulromania #spiritual #religion #romania #monastery

Moldovita Monastery - The church seen from the east

Voronet Monastery, Wall Detail, Romania

Voronet Monastery is located near Gura Humorului, in Suceava County and it was built by Stefan cel Mare from May till September in The Monastery is known for the special shade of blue (Voronet blue) from its frescoes, one illustraiting the Last Judgemen

A nun at Moldovita Monastery, Romania. Petru Rareş, who ruled Moldavia, promoted a new vision for Bucovina churches. He commissioned artists to cover the int. and ext. with elaborate frescoes (portraits of saints and prophets, scenes from the life of Jesus). The best preserved are the monasteries in the towns of Suceviţa, Moldovița, Voroneț, Humor, Suceava, Pătrăuți, and Probota. Seven of them--including the Monastery of Moldovița--were placed on UNESCO World Heritage list in 1993.

is a Romanian Orthodox monastery situated in the commune of Vatra Moldoviței, Suceava County, Moldavia, Romania. The Monastery of Moldovița was built in 1532 by Petru Rareș, who was Stefan the Great's illegitimate son

Manastirea Moldovita, Moldovita Monastery Romania

Manastirea Moldovita, Moldovita Monastery Romania

Detail painted monasteries of romania

Bucovina - Sucevita Monastery - Pictures, Information

Monestir de Humor / Humor monastery by SBA73, via Flickr

The monastery of Humor, in Bucovina, Romania is one of the most important of the famous painted monasteries of Bucovina. This one was built by a noble and not a prince, and this lower status is visually expoded by the lack of cupola.