Laura Antonia Pirvutu

Laura Antonia Pirvutu

Laura Antonia Pirvutu
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Discover this look wearing Hot Pink Leather Vintage Skirts, Black Ankle Zara Boots - Pink & stripes by Chaba styled for Chic, Everyday in the Fall

Let's go somewhere - somewhere new :)

Neon as art, why not? I customized my 'You Only Live Once' sign {image below} in a project recently and now my attention is on Neon- I'm s.

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I looked the fact that the glasses help you focus on one part of the image. It frames what is wanted to be seen without just taking an ordinary photo.

Tropical nails by @asami812

Tropical nails are the best addition for those gorgeous summer outfits you have prepared for the sunny days. Do not fear to use your imagination!