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an advertisement with the words ce n'est pas ma tasse de the it's not something that i enjoy
Ce n'est pas ma tasse de thé = It's not my cup of tea / It's not something that I enjoy
the cover of best tv series to learn french, with people smiling and posing together
15 Best French TV Series to Learn French for All Levels
Learning French? Make it easy by watching the best French TV series in history, no matter what level you are currently in.
there are many different types of pastries on display
Where to Eat in Paris, France | Kevin & Amanda
Where to Eat in Paris, France -- Where to find the BEST food in Paris -- the best restaurants, cafes, and bakery suggestions for every meal of the day!
the words 50 french expressions and sing to sound more fluent on a multicolored background
50 French Expressions and Slang to Sound Fluent
50 French Expressions and Slang to Sound more Fluent
an english and french language poster with the words in different languages, including one for each language
Inspiration. Création. Admiration.
Une grille simple et très pratique. Garde-la, elle te sera utile.
the words are written in different colors
Conjugaison: les participes passés irréguliers
the french language list is shown with numbers and words in english, spanish, and german
Numbers from 1 to 100 in French | Woodward French
Os números em frances de 1 a 100
an image of a man's body labeled in french
Italian: Piccolo Cartellone--la facciata del corpo, etichettato
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a movie poster for the tv series un villagefrancaise with many people in suits and ties
15 Best French TV Series to Learn French for All Levels
A new article: I really like #1, #5 and #7. I also tried to explain how to watch these TV series in your country. Do not hesitate to share.
a book cover with the title do you speak the real french? by talk in french
French Slang: Speaking the Real French (a major update)
All the French slang you need to speak like a native.