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Bianca Trandafir

Bianca Trandafir
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How many times do we show both sides of us. I have the quiet side that simply enjoys the peace and the talkative laughter side which everyone else sees. Not many have seen the quiet side. I'm too scared that no one like

girl with red lips

this picture shows emphasis because the red on her lips stands out so much. when i look at this picture i see the red first then look at other things. the red is the dominant element

I love this man--When a reporter for The New York Times interviewed Hawking in 2004, she remarked at how cheerful he seemed. He responded with this bit of wisdom.

stephen hawking quote - when a reporter for the new york times interviewed hawking in she remarked at how cheerful he seemed. he responded with this bit of wisdom


I like how the artist only used light colors for this picture to make the picture look soft and calm. I also like how the picture is “balanced”, the focus point of the picture are the top right and below left. The colors and the sketch matches perfectly.

DIY :: storybook paper roses

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