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Venice: We have already been, but I can't imagine a life where I don't get to go again.  I love Venice!
Petit coin de paradis...
Thigh Flowers Tattoo for Women
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Mandala shoulder tattoo
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I always wanted to show her  get this tattoo with her or make it a picture  hang it on the wall.  It's beautiful.. because to me it meant that following my heart lead me to her  no matter what anyone else thought.. what any one else said.. I didn't freakin' care if the whole world was against us.. my heart lead me to her..  that's the ONLY thing I wanted to follow!  And in the end.. I wished I was the ONLY thing in her heart, that I was undeniable..   she would follow her heart to me.  :'(
the option to stop but the decision to keep going
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