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several different types of soaps stacked on top of each other, one green and the other white
7 Bakers Whose Artistic Cakes Belong in a Contemporary Art Museum
a casserole dish filled with cheese and lavender sprinkles on a marble table
Earl Grey Tiramisu
photo of earl grey tiramisu in a white casserole dish with a scoop taken out
Pastel, Elegant Cakes, Modern Cakes, Cake Shop, Geometric Cake, Creative Cakes, Beautiful Cakes, Elegant Cake Design, Tiered Cakes
Delectable Fine Art-Inspired Cakes Look Like They Belong in a Museum
a three tiered cake with black and pink icing on it's side
Tortik Annushka в Instagram: «🌄 @tortikannuchka»
a pink and orange sculpture sitting on top of a black pedestal
Polygonal Venus - Cake
a three - tiered cake with graffiti on it sits on a marble countertop
a multicolored cake on a gold stand
Chocolate Rainbow
Birthday, Celebration, Chocolate, Velor Effect, Multi-color, Rainbow - @tortikannuchka
a multi - tiered cake with colorful icing on a gold stand against a gray background
Sumptuous Cakes Designed by Tortik Annushka Emerge as Elegant, Sculptural Desserts — Colossal
a piece of chocolate cake on a silver plate with a fork and knife next to it
Chocolate Blackberry Elegantly Gothic Halloween Cake
a blue and gold cake with flowers on it