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a living room filled with furniture and paintings on the wall next to a large window
Zen Lotus Leaf Sofa
🌿✨Zen Lotus Leaf Sofa combines the elements of Zen and lotus leaf in a unique design. It brings a sense of peace and harmony, as if sitting by a tranquil lotus pond. The lotus leaf-shaped armrests and backrest evoke the fresh fragrance of lotus. Whether placed in the living room or study, it adds a touch of tranquility and beauty to the space. Zen Lotus Leaf Sofa fills our lives with Zen and beauty. 🌿✨
an open box sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a chair and window
Modern and asthetic living room design idea 🤩 comment your thoughts 🧐
Update - after many requests I have finally provided the link of the couch many girls were asking me of 🥰 enjoy and to get the couch click on the pin 📍🙏🏻 Immerse yourself in the allure of modern and aesthetic living room design! 🌟 Velvet Rose Interior and Designs unveils a space where contemporary elegance meets visual delight. What aspect of this design captivates you the most? Share your thoughts and give a reaction! 🛋️ Don't forget to save this pin for future inspiration. ⭐-Credits to their respective owners. Follow us for more decor ideas! 🥰 #LivingRoomDesign #ModernLiving #AestheticInteriors #livingroomfurniture #livingroomdesign
a green table with two drawers and a mirror on the wall next to a couch
dressing table ; pillows ; mirrors ; tools ; makeup vanity ; & more...,‼️
an ornate armoire in the corner of a room with candles and pictures on the wall
a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen under a stained glass shade over it's burner
Elevate your kitchen with our Nature-Inspired Arch Mosaic, a breathtaking fusion of art and functionality. Crafted from an array of earth-toned tiles, this mosaic gracefully curves above your stove, bringing the serenity of nature into your culinary haven. Delicate leaves, pebbles, and botanical motifs intertwine, creating a captivating scene that evokes the tranquility of a forest. Transform your cooking space into a sanctuary of natural beauty with our Nature-Inspired Arch Mosaic – where ev...