Burtila Roxana

Burtila Roxana

Burtila Roxana
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Add that extra big wow factor to your wedding design simply with our Blown Glass Globes.

It’s time to put a spin on the classy white wedding. White wedding decoration looks so romantic and beautiful.The post 25 White Wedding Decoration Ideas for Romantic Wedding appeared first on MODwedding.

Old Window Into Garden

Add some creative charm in your home with an old window! Here are some Repurposed Old Window Ideas that you can get inspiration from, for your own project!

Aldo Cibic was commissioned by Blumohito to create Green Dunes, a 3D vegetal sculpture depicting dunes, as part of Downtown Design Dubai 2014.

Green Dunes is a large SAG Smart Acoustic Green vegetal picture with an awesome vegetal sculpture depicting dunes. Green Dunes, instead of sandy ones plus an iconic lonely green tree.

Artisan Moss multi-panel piece for the Spa at Mariott Houston

Eco-Friendly Botanical Wall Art Brings the Self-Sustaining Beauty of Nature Indoors