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four different pictures with various spices and herbs in jars on the top one is labeled
35 DIY Foodie Gifts You Can Make for Under $10
DIY Seasonings - To my family that follows my Pinterest boards: Do not be surprised if this is your Christmas gift! can still act surprised! :-)
lemons, apples and spices are in jars on a cutting board with cinnamon sticks
Looking for DIY Christmas gifts? Make these easy and beautiful jars of homemade preserved lemons for a tasty and unique gift idea. Gift tags and recipe ideas included.
a white bowl filled with salad on top of a black tray
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Bite This | This Salad Dressing
a cup filled with brown liquid on top of a white table
Sesame-Miso Vinaigrette
sliced lemons, honey, and other ingredients on a white counter top next to a bowl of oil
Lemon-Anchovy Vinaigrette
a bowl filled with cream and herbs on top of a table
Dill Buttermilk Dip with Winter Crudites
a spoon sitting next to a jar filled with food
Homemade Yakisoba Sauce Recipe
Homemade Yakisoba Sauce Recipe - It's like barbecue sauce on steroids. Mix a few easy ingredients together and this bad boy is ready for your noodles, beef & pork or even on an omelette. Get on it! |
a white bowl filled with red sauce on top of a wooden table next to a green napkin
Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe (for Idli, Dosa) - Edible Garden
Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe (for Idli, Dosa) - You can also try a bunch of variations of the same recipe, like omit the tomatoes and make it a 100% Onion Chutney.
a black bowl filled with soup on top of a green table cloth and a spoon
South Indian Coconut Chutney Recipe for Idli Dosa (with Curd) - Edible Garden
South Indian Coconut Chutney Recipe for Idli Dosa (with Curd)