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Lakhum Novalick "War Bloodmage" Chef des chevalier de l'ordre Croix De  Pieux

m Fighter Plate Helm Sword cape midlvl Study_A Knight by Dongjun Lu

Aegis Vanguard

Aegis Vanguard

(null)  || Prayer from the #instapray app. Download the free prayer app on instapray.com and #Pray with the whole world.

Warrior Angel- Angels are soldiers, warriors. no one should send me a prissy little girl angel or a baby angel

Estilos de tatuajes Más de 40 estilos de tatuajes! Hoy en día existe tal variedad de estilos de tatuajes que reflejarlos todos es una tarea prácticamente imposible. Sin embargo, en este articulo ilustrado con fotos queremos intentar exponerlos casi todos para que puedas hacerte una pequeña idea de en qué consiste cada uno. Aquí seguido te presentamos un

100 Unique Tattoos For Guys - Distinctive Design Ideas …

Tattoo caveira com rosas

Skull with rose

Wing action today

Wing action today This would be awesome

Chatch my feels part two for part one the source is in the comments

Why the actual fuck did someone make a Pokemon thing that gave me feels?


Remy Lebeau- Code name: Gambit-Mutant Abillities: Manipulation of potential energy and kinetic energy, enhanced physical abilities, Hypnotic Charm.

Samurai Wolverine by dnmn89 #wolverine #x_men #marvel_comics

Lines by Colors are mine Updated the values and added a background Samurai Wolverine